Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hotel Info

Hey everyone. We have picked out a hotel for everyone to stay at. We didn't block any rooms b/c the rate they were going to give us is way higher than if you just book it online at I talked to management at the Hampton Inn and Suites and he said that we shouldn't have to worry about getting a room. By all means-- BOOK NOW!! It's really close to everything downtown and best of all is only 1 mile from the location of the reception. It's only 1 year old and serves a free hot breakfast in the morning.

It's called Hampton Inn and Suites- Little Rock Downtown.
Address is 302 S. Commerce, Little Rock, AR
I hope most of us can stay here; but there are other options as well. The Days Inn is just down the road and a little less expensive (but not as new). If you want to experience NICE-- The Peabody Hotel is right downtown as well. Call us if you need help finding anything.
Love, Mike and Rachel

Monday, September 7, 2009

"LABOR" day

I thought Labor day was a day for rest for those who are used to going to work every Monday morning... Well, I was WRONG. Sunday morning I woke up with a small amount of anxiety over our landscaping in the front of our house. We really haven't had the time (or the weather) to tackle this HUGE task yet so we just continued to apologize to our neighbors for our terrible over grown landscaping. I came home last weekend from a girls weekend and Mike had taken the weed eater to our shrubs/weeds/elephant ear farm. This is when I knew it was out of control!

So Sunday was a day of shopping for new stuff, pulling weeds, and planning for a new flower bed. We are tackling one flower bed at a time. We woke up and started early again this morning and finished around 2 pm. All the neighbors came by and loved it. Mike did his specialty... hard scaping. He built and very cool (but very basic) wall. He told me that I am in the right profession-- management-- b/c all I did all day was watch and encourage.

Now that we are all done with about 25% of the total projection... I can't feel my hamstrings b/c they are so tight, Mike is sun burnt, and Lizzie is worn out from being outside for so long (all she usually does it sleep all day).

Saturday was a fun day-- we went to Little Rock for the Razorback Tailgate. We hung out with the Shehorn's. Good food, plenty of alcohol, and lots of laughs.

Also another first this weekend. Mike proved that he was handier (don't know if that's a word) than I thought. He changed a fuel filter in the Envoy. He still smells like gasoline 48 hours later... but the envoy is running a little better! :)

I'll get pics up of the new landscaping...