Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Engagement Pics are up!!!

Hey everyone! The engagement pictures are up and ready to view!!! We have picked out a few favorites and a few that we don't ever want to look at again! haha. Take a look and let me know which are your favorites-- there are numbers for each pic in the web address at the end.
Here is how you view the pics

1. go to
3. Next click CLIENT PROOFING on the bottom
4. The name of our album is "Copely" (yes, she spelled my name wrong-- won't be my name for much longer so we'll let it slide)^^Make sure the C is capitalized
5. Then choose a way to view it. Make sure you have an updated version of Adobe. If you have a slow Internet connection it may not work. We had to come to my work in order for us to view them.

Over all we are very impressed with Heather. She does a wonderful job making you feel comfortable!! I would recommend her to anyone... esp. if you have kids!!!

Thanks everyone! Invitation should almost be out. Hope everyone liked them! My mom put some hard labor into those bows so don't throw them away!

Love, Rachel and Mike

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bands and Bands

We traveled to Hot Springs this weekend to visit Ms. Shannon at Laurays for wedding bands. I could have spent all day in this store picking out jewelry, but Shannon reassured me that I can make a wish list of things when I come back without Mike. Mike then assured me to DREAM ON! haha. We struck out with my wedding band-- going to have to have it made. I guess that makes it that much more special. Mike found a really good one too. Sizing his ring finger was funny. He wanted it nice and loose-- I told Shannon "To MAKE IT TIGHT!!". He complained a little bit about it being heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable-- I told him to get over it. :)

After Hot Springs, we drove up to Little Rock and had dinner with our friends Kat and Aaron, and JP and Derek. After dinner, we went to Cajuns to check out the band. This is the band we are debating over for our party in Little Rock on Nov. 28th. They were a lot of fun but I got a little concerned when I requested the song Mike and I want to dance to and they never played it!!! Yikes.

The next few weekends are jammed packed with activities!! Brianna, my best friend from College, is flying in from Portland on Thursday!! Alumni volleyball game on Saturday. Say a prayer that I don't break anything when playing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ATTN Girl Scout Cookie Lovers!!!

You all owe me for this one....

Well everyone, I have found my new favorite treat!! Who remembers Samoas??? The caramel, coconut, chocolate piece of heaven that we only get once a year... Not anymore people!!

As everyone knows, I spend a lot of time in Convenient Stores (we sell lots of chips in those places), and i need a snack every once in a while. I grabbed a FUDGE DIPPED COCONUT GRANOLA BAR and about passed out. It taste just like a Samoa. Don't worry-- they sell them at Wal Mart in packs of 8. If you plan on going to the Monticello Wal Mart-- go to El Dorado b/c I plan on buying all they have! haha. The Sunbelt vendor is going to love me!! I think my family could buy enough from him to put his kids through college!!! I thought I'd let ya'll in on my new treat! Don't look at the Nutrient Facts.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cleaning out the Carport!!

Well, Mike actually had nothing to do this weekend but to shop and work around the house! My mom introduced me to "it's". I'm addicted. Don't bother with garage sales people!!! We tubs of clothing, shoes, purses, comforters, ect under the carport waiting on that moment we have nothing else to do but have a garage sale (they have been there for 3 months and counting and the calender is only getting more full)!! So I checked out this deduction thing online (provided by turbo tax). It's addicting!! We had so much fun Friday night sorting out clothes and entering everything in to the website and watching our amount we will get back on taxes go up! This was the easiest garage sale ever and we made 400 bucks in 2 hours of going through clothes! I highly recommend this method over the pricing, paying for an ad in the paper, waking up early, dealing with people stealing... garage sale. I have never looked forward to tax season-- but I am this year!!

Saturday, we took our own advice and went shopping for Cancun clothes. We really racked up and saved a ton of money!!! I thought this was going to be a painful day (having to drag Mike shopping). For all of you that don't know, we have to drive 1.5 hours to get to a mall. The day started early and successful at Kohl's (I LOVE THIS PLACE... great for guy stuff). Next hit the mall hard. Got tons of stuff and Mike didn't complain all day. I figured out if you feed the guy really good at lunch... he'll last a longer in the mall. He started to crash when I started shoe shopping... so we called it quits after I bought my bridal flip flops and got home before dark!! SUCCESS!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

What to wear...

Hey everyone,
I have been getting a lot of questions about what to wear to the wedding in Cancun and what to wear to the party in Little Rock.

To the wedding in Cancun--
Something light and simple. This isn't a fancy wedding. The wedding will be at 11:00 am so it will be hot! Bright colors are encouraged. Just a reminder-- Don't wait to buy some summer clothes-- Back to school/Fall clothes are coming out and summer/swimsuits are going away! So don't wait until November to buy your bikini!! :) (everything is on sale now!!)

To the Party in North Little Rock-
On the invitation, it will state that casual attire is encouraged. The party will be during the evening-- outside. Nice dress jeans are even okay. I'm going to wear my dress for a little bit-- but then change to something much more casual!!!

A lot of people are also asking where we will be registering-- As stated in the post below this one, I have already registered at Bed Bath and Beyond. I plan to also register at Dillard's, and the Kitchen Store in Conway, AR.

I am getting sooo ready for the big trip. I think we have 20 people booked to attend!! We are so blessed to have so many great friends and family members join us!! Thank you all!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Things are flying off the list TO DO!!

Well, with every weekend that passes-- more gets done. I had another really productive weekend!!! I bought my dress (a good story behind that one), we found and bought the bridesmaids dresses, and I registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Then my friends and I found a lot of decorations for the party!!!

The dress story:

So as I was scheduling my appointments to try on dresses- I found a place that had gone out of business and the Lady was selling the rest of her dresses out of her house! Kristin (my maid of honor) and I went 1st thing Saturday morning... and sure enough-- the first one I tried on-- I fell in love with. Brittany and Lindsay (other bridesmaids) joined in on the search but before long-- I called off the search and wanted to go buy the one I loved. It was in the budget and I loved it!!

We also found bridesmaids dresses at The Limited in the mall on CLEARANCE!!! Then Lindsay and I moved on to Bed, Bath and Beyond...

ATTENTION FUTURE ENGAGED COUPLES: Don't take your fiance to register... Mike was kind of sad that he didn't get to come. He would have died if he had to be in that store for 2 1/2 hours looking at China, towels and sheets. That might have been a deal breaker for us!! We are going to go back later as a couple and I'll let him scan a few things with the gun.

Engagement Pics were taken on Friday and Heather ( is going to try to get a few posted before she goes on vacation (Saturday). Stay tuned for engagement pics--

Keep your fingers crossed that invitations go out next week!!