Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Family/ Friends have arrived!!!

Everyone got in yesterday! Safe and sound... some minor delays but we all had a really good time at the Mexican resturant last night. Today is spa, golf, and sun day!

Tomorrow is wedding day! YIKESSS! I measured mikes ankle last night for his ball and chain :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today was another great day! We went on a Zip Line tour!! I was very nervous... I tried to play cool until it was my turn to get up on the platform. The "Deb Jr." came out in me BIG TIME. The guy that was hooking each of us on the zip line wasn't attached himself which made me wayyy too nervous! There are a serious of 11 zip lines... and you can't bail out after the first one! I was really nervous but by the end they guys taught us tricks and Mike and I both went upside down! Before the end of it neither of us were nervous to get pushed off the platforms-- we even jumped off the last few! Lots of fun!

I think we found our new favorite restaurant... The Carribean Rest. in Moon Grand. This is the rest. we are going to after the wedding on Friday. The resort is still pretty empty. We are sitting in these huge beautiful restaurants and they are pretty much empty!!! Service is still amazing though. Even the golf cart drivers love their jobs! Everyone here is a pleasure to be around.

Just left a circus show (a spin off of circus ole) sp?. Part of the show they had poodles doing tricks. We miss our Lizzie girl really bad after seeing those dogs! We talked to JP (Lizzie's aunt who is watching her this week) and she is getting spoiled rotten. Her and 2 other dogs slept in the bed with Aunt JP and Uncle Derek.

guest: look for the RED WHITE AND BLUE tomorrow!! We are so excited for everyone to come for our big day... the count down now is getting to 2 days!!! How ever would have thought!?

See you all soon!,
Mike and Rachel

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sun Burnt Already :)

Day 2 started great with an awesome breakfast (made our own omelets)! We also set up some activites like the zip line course, golfing for Mike and the spa for me. Today was all about getting some sun and relaxing!

Went to the pool at Moon Grand. Very nice infinity pool. Water was a little chilly here but very relaxful. Stayed here for a bit then went back to the Nizuc pool and found our new favorite spot/bartender, Miguel. The swim up bar was in the sun so the water wasn't so bad. I think i ate 3 plates of guacamole for lunch (obviously not worrying abou the wedding dress fitting.. haha... thank god for spanx). Drinks are awesome-- Top shelf. Got back to hotel room and took a little nap!

Dinner was great. Ate at the Brazilian steakhouse. Ate a lot of MEAT! They bring it around on skewers-- steak, chicken, lamb, veal, pork, turkey, sausage and more. CRAZY how much food it was! We went to the Michael Jackson show after this... little late but it was great!

We can't wait for our guest to get here! We know everyone is going to have a great time. We saw 2 weddings going on-- they were beautiful! Our day is coming soon!!!

Talk to ya'll soon!,
Rachel and Mike

Sunday, November 15, 2009

In Cancun! Night 1

Well we made it!!

The trip here was a little emotional though. I had to get 'bridezilla' with a flight attendant! He shoved my dress into an overhead bin and then someone CRAMMED there bag on top of the dress (after i told her that there was a wedding dress up there). Thank god that flight was only 30 min.

When we got to Cancun everything went really smooth! Immigrations only took about 20 minutes.
Found all of our luggage-- buy the way-- You can check 2 bags per person for free since its an international flight! Got through customs within 40 minutes and started our way out.

KEY TO OUR GUEST WHO ARE COMING WEDNESDAY: After you get through customs-- Walk directly outside. Do not talk to anyone offering taxis, shuttle services, or anything like that! Walk directly outside and look for red shirts holding signs that say "Delta Vacations" and "Palace Resorts". Not hard to spot at all-- after that it takes 10 mins to get to the resort and luxury is at your fingertips!!

Ate lunch, unpacked, laid buy the pool.

Got cleaned up and went to the Italian restaurant out on the golf course. Its so hard to believe that we don't have to pay for anything! Meal was wonderful. Mike had a filet and it was mouth watering. The wine celler at this place was huge-- you order a glass of wine-- they bring you a bottle.

Funny story-- Mike went up to order his first drink whenever we first arrived and ordered a 'Crown and Coke'. The bartender thought he wanted a bottle of Crowne Royale and kept asking Mike how many bottles he wanted!?! Mike just wanted a drink! haha

FOR OUR GUEST: Bring comfortable walking shoes!! The resort is enormous! Biggest in Latin America! The golf carts are alot of fun (esp. at the end of a night of drinking). The gas powered ones are the best... the drivers floor it on the curves and there aren't any seat belts! :)

Looking forward to seeing those who are coming down on Wednesday. Comment on here if you have a quesiton about anything-- Hopefully we'll be checking this nightly.

Love you all!,
Mike and Rachel

Saturday, November 14, 2009

On our WAY!!!

Hey everyone!
One last post before we head out for Cancun! We just printed our boarding passes on! Found out that we didn't have to pay to check our luggage. Not sure if this is b/c we checked in online or what-- but we recommend everyone to check in online and print boarding passes from there. You can do this within 24 hours of your flight!

We are really excited to see everyone down there! We will probably be at the pool when most of ya'll arrive (probably close to the swim up bar)-- so look for us! Supposedly Mike brought his American flag swimming trunks-- so look for the Red, White and Blue! *Geez-- what am i getting myself into?*

We love you all. Stay healthy and have safe travels!!!

love, Rachel and Mike

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bad Bloggers

Sorry everyone! We have been really bad bloggers lately! We'll get back on track!

We leave for Cancun in 4 Days!!! Time has flown by! We are looking forward to the warm sun and getting married with our toes in the sand!

Everyone that is coming to Cancun has probably gotten a little package from Mike and I. We highly recommend looking at the Palace Resorts website at
There are alot of activties, tours and trips that are free to us and we need to make sure we take advantage of them! The boys are going to get together and golf one of the days (Thursday or Saturday). We'll throw out some options on Wednesday night whenever we meet for dinner.
This is not a structured trip-- do as much as each of you want! Have fun and enjoy the sun!

Just a reminder- We will be leaving Sunday morning. We are not bringing our cell phones (b/c if I bring mine- I'll be getting Frito calls all week). Call/email us before Saturday night!!

Get Ready to have a great vacation!

Pray for safe and healthy travels!

love, rachel and mike

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Booked the band!!

Everyone should dust off their dancing shoes!! Last week we had the privilege of book the Big John Miller Band! Google them! We had the opportunity to hear them the other month and loved them. Big John can jam out on a Cow bell... Sounds redneck?-- But very cool! We are getting EXCITED!

I had an awesome shower in Conway with a lot of old friends and great moms. Received many wonderful gifts! Was overwhelmed with how nice everything was! Big thanks to The Ezell Family and all the hostesses. And to all my sisters who traveled down for the event.

Last weekend Mike and I traveled to Michigan for Mike's best friend's wedding. The wedding was so nice and the party was even better! In addition to the wedding, Mike's sister arranged for both sides of Mike's family to get together for a shower/dinner. It was really good to spend more time with his family. We got SNUGGIES for one of our gifts! I was SO EXCITED; needless to say Mike was humiliated. :)