Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today was another great day! We went on a Zip Line tour!! I was very nervous... I tried to play cool until it was my turn to get up on the platform. The "Deb Jr." came out in me BIG TIME. The guy that was hooking each of us on the zip line wasn't attached himself which made me wayyy too nervous! There are a serious of 11 zip lines... and you can't bail out after the first one! I was really nervous but by the end they guys taught us tricks and Mike and I both went upside down! Before the end of it neither of us were nervous to get pushed off the platforms-- we even jumped off the last few! Lots of fun!

I think we found our new favorite restaurant... The Carribean Rest. in Moon Grand. This is the rest. we are going to after the wedding on Friday. The resort is still pretty empty. We are sitting in these huge beautiful restaurants and they are pretty much empty!!! Service is still amazing though. Even the golf cart drivers love their jobs! Everyone here is a pleasure to be around.

Just left a circus show (a spin off of circus ole) sp?. Part of the show they had poodles doing tricks. We miss our Lizzie girl really bad after seeing those dogs! We talked to JP (Lizzie's aunt who is watching her this week) and she is getting spoiled rotten. Her and 2 other dogs slept in the bed with Aunt JP and Uncle Derek.

guest: look for the RED WHITE AND BLUE tomorrow!! We are so excited for everyone to come for our big day... the count down now is getting to 2 days!!! How ever would have thought!?

See you all soon!,
Mike and Rachel

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