Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bad Bloggers

Sorry everyone! We have been really bad bloggers lately! We'll get back on track!

We leave for Cancun in 4 Days!!! Time has flown by! We are looking forward to the warm sun and getting married with our toes in the sand!

Everyone that is coming to Cancun has probably gotten a little package from Mike and I. We highly recommend looking at the Palace Resorts website at
There are alot of activties, tours and trips that are free to us and we need to make sure we take advantage of them! The boys are going to get together and golf one of the days (Thursday or Saturday). We'll throw out some options on Wednesday night whenever we meet for dinner.
This is not a structured trip-- do as much as each of you want! Have fun and enjoy the sun!

Just a reminder- We will be leaving Sunday morning. We are not bringing our cell phones (b/c if I bring mine- I'll be getting Frito calls all week). Call/email us before Saturday night!!

Get Ready to have a great vacation!

Pray for safe and healthy travels!

love, rachel and mike

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