Sunday, November 15, 2009

In Cancun! Night 1

Well we made it!!

The trip here was a little emotional though. I had to get 'bridezilla' with a flight attendant! He shoved my dress into an overhead bin and then someone CRAMMED there bag on top of the dress (after i told her that there was a wedding dress up there). Thank god that flight was only 30 min.

When we got to Cancun everything went really smooth! Immigrations only took about 20 minutes.
Found all of our luggage-- buy the way-- You can check 2 bags per person for free since its an international flight! Got through customs within 40 minutes and started our way out.

KEY TO OUR GUEST WHO ARE COMING WEDNESDAY: After you get through customs-- Walk directly outside. Do not talk to anyone offering taxis, shuttle services, or anything like that! Walk directly outside and look for red shirts holding signs that say "Delta Vacations" and "Palace Resorts". Not hard to spot at all-- after that it takes 10 mins to get to the resort and luxury is at your fingertips!!

Ate lunch, unpacked, laid buy the pool.

Got cleaned up and went to the Italian restaurant out on the golf course. Its so hard to believe that we don't have to pay for anything! Meal was wonderful. Mike had a filet and it was mouth watering. The wine celler at this place was huge-- you order a glass of wine-- they bring you a bottle.

Funny story-- Mike went up to order his first drink whenever we first arrived and ordered a 'Crown and Coke'. The bartender thought he wanted a bottle of Crowne Royale and kept asking Mike how many bottles he wanted!?! Mike just wanted a drink! haha

FOR OUR GUEST: Bring comfortable walking shoes!! The resort is enormous! Biggest in Latin America! The golf carts are alot of fun (esp. at the end of a night of drinking). The gas powered ones are the best... the drivers floor it on the curves and there aren't any seat belts! :)

Looking forward to seeing those who are coming down on Wednesday. Comment on here if you have a quesiton about anything-- Hopefully we'll be checking this nightly.

Love you all!,
Mike and Rachel

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  1. Thanks for the info! Sorry about the wedding dress incident, I can only imagine your reaction. See you tomorrow!